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‘Don’t Get Me Started’ is an evening of standup comedy, brilliant jokes and music from Deb Filler. This feel-good show is crammed full of a lotta laughs, music and characters. It will guarantee you a surprise stuffed gala of joy from the world’s greatest storyteller. Meet Leonard Bernstein, Leonard Cohen, and the best jokes this side of the Catskills of the South Pacific. 

A bust-your-gutkes musical comedy from the comic from Down Under.  A DO NOT MISS Deb Filler, The Comic from Down Under , singing the Beatles in Yiddish. One of New Zealand’s most highly regarded performers and comedic talents, she has worked variously as a comedian, broadcaster, writer and entertainer internationally. New Zealand’s only Jewish comic is a true blue Kibrew. Passionate, playful and armed only with her material, Deb has been prowling the world with her keen wit and sensibility for many years, laying them in the aisles with this show in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Toronto, Sydney, Washington D.C and New York, amongst others.

Her dynamic presence and engagingly sharp observations have made her an extremely popular performer with repeat engagements internationally.

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