“In the end, what makes her performance so irresistible is her innate mimetic genius – her sharp, compassionate observation of people, her instinct for spot-on timing and just-right exaggeration, her amazingly limber facial expression and body language. But, most of all, it’s the unfeigned warmth of her connection with her audience.”  Vancouver Observer  (click anywhere for full review)

 Written and performed by Deb Filler

Internationally acclaimed Canadian/New Zealand Jewish comic performer, musician and writer Deb Filler is touring the world with her smash hit. Commissioned in London, sold out in Toronto, New York, Jerusalem, Vancouver and LA. A brilliant storyteller, Deb has charmed audiences world-wide with wonderful stories of her encounters with three musicians, all called Lenny.

With only a guitar and a raft of lovable characters Deb is a one-woman tour de force in this jam-packed, music-filled show.